What Are The Main Google Ads Campaign Type

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Google Ads Campaign Types


In the digital age, Google Ads has become an essential tool for businesses to effectively reach their target audience and promote their products or services. Google Ads offers various campaign types, each catering to specific marketing objectives and channels. In this blog post, we will delve into the main Google Ads campaign types and highlight their key features and benefits.

Search Campaign

The search campaign is the most common and widely used Google Ads campaign type. It displays text ads on Google search results when users search for specific keywords relevant to your business. With search campaigns, you can target users actively searching for products or services, making it an effective way to capture high-intent leads. The campaign allows you to set bid strategies, create compelling ad copies, and utilize extensions to enhance your ad’s visibility and click-through rates.

Display Campaign

Display campaigns allow you to reach a broader audience by displaying visual banner ads, responsive ads, and video ads across Google’s vast network of partner websites, YouTube, and mobile apps. This campaign type leverages targeting options such as demographics, interests, and placements to connect with users who may be interested in your offerings. Display campaigns are great for brand awareness, remarketing, and showcasing visually engaging content to potential customers.

Video Campaign

Video campaigns enable you to reach and engage users through video ads on YouTube and other Google Display Network platforms. With video campaigns, you can tell your brand story, demonstrate product features, or deliver compelling messages through video content. You have control over targeting options, ad formats (skippable or non-skippable), and ad placements. Video campaigns are highly effective for driving brand awareness, expanding your reach, and engaging with your target audience.

Shopping Campaign

For e-commerce businesses, shopping campaigns are a powerful way to showcase and promote products directly on Google. These campaigns utilize product feeds to display images, prices, and relevant details of your products. Shopping ads appear on Google search results and Google Shopping, allowing users to compare products and make informed purchase decisions. With shopping campaigns, you can increase visibility for your products, attract qualified leads, and drive higher conversion rates.

App Campaign

App campaigns are specifically designed to promote mobile applications across various Google platforms. By setting up an App campaign, you can reach potential app users through Google Search, Google Play, YouTube, and other Google network properties. The campaign type uses machine learning to optimize for app installs or in-app actions, such as registrations or purchases. App campaigns help increase app downloads, improve app visibility, and drive user engagement.


Google Ads provides a diverse range of campaign types to help businesses achieve their marketing goals and expand their online presence. Whether you’re looking to capture high-intent leads, increase brand awareness, showcase visual content, promote products, or drive app installations, there is a campaign type suited to your objectives.

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